Company Profile

Extraterrestrial template xiaozheng production, referred to as: Xiao Zheng template, is a leading application service provider of Internet infrastructure, mainly for customers worldwide to provide domain name registration, Hong Kong / USA web hosting, business mail, intelligent website, virtual server (VPS), server rental, server hosting and a rich network products and services.

Extraterrestrial template Xiao Zheng made the rapid development of its corporate culture are inseparable, easy network who uphold the “solidarity, dedication responsible and abide by reputation, aggressive and innovative” enterprise culture, brought together a large number of professionals in the industry, with more than bit top domestic linux / freeBSD / unix experienced system engineer, Microsoft certified engineers and network security and technical personnel. The core team are professionals in industry for many years, has extensive industry experience and high prestige, and continue to reform and innovation to meet the diverse needs of customers as their duty and keep making progress. At the same time, easy network adhere to “professional quality, service-oriented, business integrity, and abide by the credibility of” core values, to provide diverse, safe, stable, reliable products.

Branch Extraterrestrial template Xiao Zheng Xiao Zheng making a star outside the template for the domestic production of international service platform.

network platform

To this end, we have: heavily built secure data center;
in all brands server, set up in the new world of telecommunications backbone network; the establishment of bilateral relations with a number of international S network suppliers to ensure the quality of the network connecting customers to enjoy world-class , directly connected to M around the world.
Rooms are equipped with gigabit hardware firewall someone with 24/7 technical maintenance.

Service Platform

Our commitment: to provide 7 × 24 hours, 365 days of uninterrupted service;
customers purchase web hosting products, enjoy 30 days unconditional full refund;
reunified with the mainland 400 call centers, fast response, allowing you to enjoy anytime, anywhere service;